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brand story BRAND STORY Everyday OVACO is a global cosmetic brand that was made by TDS(Transdermal Delivery System)
experts from USA, Germany, and Korea. Since its launch in Hongkong, 2013, OVACO established
itself as SPA & Aesthetic specialty brand in USA,China,and Thailand.
Made with sustained-release formulas developed by TDS experts, FIU extraction method,
and 3 Core System, Rx Core Serum is the most technologically advanced item among
OVACO products. It is widely celebrated as customizable cosmetics, consisted of over skin care
total solution serums, which offer skin improvement depending on one’s skin condition
(aging/wrinkle/freckle/trouble/whitening) rather than one’s skin type (oily/dry).
"The birth of global brand OVACO" "Special Value of 3 Core System" 3 Core System intensely concentrates highly
functional ingredients in great volume for safe
and genuine skin improvement. It provides quick
absorption and feather-light sensation even
when using 3-4 kinds of serums.
Premium Line               PRODUCT LIST - EGG B.P Cell - 4D Dynamic Benefit Set Skin Care                       - Toner - Serum · Anti-Aging & Revival Core Serum · Wrinkle & Elastic Core Serum · Whitening & D-tox Core Serum · Moisturizing & Soothing Core Serum · Acne & Sensitive Core Serum - Cream · Cream · Perfectionist Spicule Cream · Timeslip Cica Gel Cream - Face Oil - Herbal Healing Zone Series - BB Cream / Sunscreen Cream - Mist - Cleansing Milk · Mask Pack Cream - Mask · All Sweep Mask Body Care                      - Massage Cream · Power Active Cream · Boosting Cream - Coconut&Flowers Body Oil - PROBIO-6 Series - Hand Cream - Root & Shaft Series Hair Care                        - Inner Perfume - Melanocell 3 Set / Hair Serum EGG B.P Cell01 EGG B.P Cell A revolutionary breakthrough in skin science now in the world, using
STEM CELL TECHNOLOGY. Sonimedi Bio Cell Fusion Science Institute
introducing most advanced skin care solution to the world firstly.
The lightweight texture penetrates the layers of the skin for optimal
efficacy and works well with all other skin treatments.
A hydrating, healing & age fighting powerhouse, egg stem cell
skin care solution series protect & nurture healthy skin cells,
regulates the 28 - day skin renewal cycle and gives you crystal clear skin.
"WORLD FIRST EGG embryonic
LIST · B.P Cell Ampoule
· B.P Cell Expert Ampoule Set
· B.P Cell Program
· B.P Cell Serum
· B.P Cell Expert Oil Soap(+Bubble Container)
· B.P Cell Peeling Gel
· B.P Cell Cream
· Anti-Wrinkle BY G.J.D
EGG B.P Cell02 EGG B.P Cell
Category Skin Turnover Mechanism
Rx External Anti-ging/Improve skin barrier/Nutrition
Main Ingredients Red Junglefowl Blastoderm Pluripotent
Cell Culture Conditioned Media(50,000ppm)
Size 7ML X 10PCS Code VG30
Activator ampoule regulates the 28 – day skin renewal cycle.
Production of collagen & elastin to increase the thickness of dermis.
Intensive care for fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes and around
the lips. Helps support collagen regeneration to restore natural
firmness and volume to facial contours for an ageless complexion.
B.P Cell Expert Ampoule Set
Category Skin Turnover Mechanism
Rx Wrinkle & Whitening [Dual Function]
Main Ingredients Red Junglefowl Blastoderm Pluripotent
Cell Culture Conditioned Media(60,000ppm)
Size 5ml X 10pcs &
5ml x 250pcs 
Code VG70 & VG60
SPA & Aesthetic Professional Skin care ampoule. This is the miracle of
one small vial which works as motivator of skin regeneration mechanism
with technic of professional’s hands. Intensive care for fine lines and
wrinkles under the eyes and around the lips. our SPA & aesthetic
partner love this ampoule so much as well as customers do.
B.P Cell Program
Category Skin Turnover Mechanism
Rx Wrinkle & Whitening [Dual Function]
Main Ingredients Red Junglefowl Blastoderm Pluripotent
Cell Culture Conditioned Media(50,000ppm)
Size 7ML X 5PCS,
Serum 30 ML 
Code VG50
Combined with Ampoule and Serum, the program gives you perfect
solution to the fastest skin regeneration process ever. Collagen
regeneration to help transform visible signs of aging. Hydrate to reduce
the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, skin to look more tightened.
B.P Cell Ampoule
EGG B.P Cell03 EGG B.P Cell
Category Skin Turnover Mechanism
Rx Wrinkle & Whitening [Dual Function]
Main Ingredients Red Junglefowl Blastoderm Pluripotent
Cell Culture Conditioned Media(50,000ppm)
Size 7ML ampoule x 1,
Serum 50 ML
Code VG40
Combined with Ampoule and Serum, the program gives you perfect
solution to the fastest skin regeneration process ever.
Collagen regeneration to help transform visible signs of aging.
Hydrate to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, skin to look
more tightened.
B.P Cell Expert Oil Soap(+Bubble Container)
Category Skin Turnover Mechanism
Rx Deep Cleansing|Vitalizing Skin function
Main Ingredients Red Junglefowl Blastoderm Pluripotent
Cell Culture Conditioned Media
Size 200ml &
Bottle for bubble
Code VF20 & ET10
The oil transforms into silky foam that effectively lifts away dirt and
make up without any irritation on skin. Color changes as temperature
goes down, proving the formulation in 100% oil made naturally.
nourished and hydrates after washing / dissolves makeup without
any reside even mascara and tint lip gloss
B.P Cell Peeling Gel
Category Skin Turnover Mechanism
Rx Exfoliating
Size 120ML & 50ML  Code VF10 & VF11
Ovaco Egg B.P Cell peeling gel is removes old dead skin on the skin
surface that difficult to remove froтthe pores. This gel is dedicated to
both professional and home care use. We avoided to put sugar or rice
for physical peeling instead soft gel texture peeling gel even suitable for
the sensitive skin. So this peeling gel softer no scratchy at all.
B.P Cell Serum
EGG B.P Cell04 EGG B.P Cell
Category Skin Turnover Mechanism
Rx External Anti-aging|Improve Skin barrier|Nutrition
Main Ingredients Red Junglefowl Blastoderm Pluripotent
Cell Culture Conditioned Media
Size 50 ML Code VG20
The most advanced rich texture cream combats the visible signs of aging with reducing the
appearance of lines and wrinkles while forming a thin veil to seal and protect the skin to maintain
extreme hydration leaving your skin with heightened suppleness. The cream can be used as
a rich moisturizing sleeping mask at night to protect and promote the skin's natural regenerative
process by supplying maximum hydration.
Anti-Wrinkle BY G.J.D
Category Core Pack
Rx Anti-Wrinkle|Nutrition Supply|Skin Activation Energy
Main Ingredients G.J.D|Natural Oils
Size 25ml X 5pcs Code VP10
Essence itself contains about 20 amino acids. Pearl sheet has high water absorption and can
retain essence for long health and dimensional effect of skin, helps to improve thick and thin
wrinkle, and changes skin into the resilient skin.
Boosting skin energy / Improvement of thick and fine
line wrinkles inside&outside / High adhesion coconut jelly bio 3D sheet
B.P Cell Serum
4D Dynamic Benefit01 4D Dynamic Benefit Ovaco 4D dynamic is becoming one of the famous programs in spa
and hotel of South Korea to make facial lifting efficacy. Now reborn available
simple home care version to all women. Our signature skin care total routine
give you salon or spa level result only within 7 days. 4D Dynamic benefit program
consist with 4 kinds of product step by step. Each product powerfully formulated
with unique ingredients for short time skin over all improvement.
4D Dynamic Benefit packaged by set and individual for your convenience.
Set: 25ml x 3pcs, 30ml cream  Code: VX110
"SPA & Esthetic Professional Program" LIST · STEP 1 : Structure
· STEP 2 : Vitality
· STEP 3 : Reinforce
· STEP 4 : Management
4D Dynamic Benefit02 4D Dynamic Benefit
Category 4D Dynamic Benefit
Rx Skin Volume Up
Main Ingredients Hyaluronic Acid
Size 50 ML Code VA11
After face wash, fill up emptied pores with sufficient moisture and
essential nutrients to vitalize diminished skin function.
What it's good for
1. Provide lacking moisture and essential nutrients
2. Vitalize diminished skin functions
3. Treat and soothe skin irritation
STEP 2 : Vitality
Category 4D Dynamic Benefit
Rx Vitalizing Circulation|Soothing
Main Ingredients Vitamin C Oil
Size 50ML  Code VA21
For clear skin, help capillary circulation for better oxygen and nutrients
supply to make vibrant skin and maintain optimal skin condition.
What it's good for
1. Vitalize capillary circulation and stabilize skin rhythm
2. Improve dull and uneven skin color
3. Exfoliate and improve rough skin texture
STEP 1 : Structure
4D Dynamic Benefit03 4D Dynamic Benefit
Category 4D Dynamic Benefit
Rx Vitalizing Skin Turnover
Main Ingredients MGF (Multi Stem Cell Growth Factors)
Size 50 ML Code VA31
28-day skin turnover vitalization always creates clear and fair skin like that of child and reinforce
sensitive skin to be firm and strong.
What it's good for
1. 28-day skin turnover vitalization / 2. Improve and balance rough and uneven skin color and texture
3. Create clear and fair skin / 4. Keep skin moisture over long period by creating moisture barrier
STEP 4 : Management
Category 4D Dynamic Benefit
Rx Providing rich nutrients
Main Ingredients Vitamin | Amino Acids | Organic Mineral | Peptide | Oriental Medicine Ingredients
Size 30ML  Code VA40
By providing necessary energy for skin vitalization, create healthy skin that lasts over time and
maintain smooth, glowing skin with rich nutrients.
What it's good for
1. Strengthen functions for vitalizing skin / 2. Provide rich nutrients and moisture
3. Enhance natural resistance capability / 4. Help create natural skin barrier
STEP 3 : Reinforce
Basic Toner01 Toner
Category Moisture & Soothe
Rx Calming | Moisturizing | Nourishment
Main Ingredients Tremella fuciformis | Tricholoma |
Oriental Herbal Extracts
Size 100ML & 520ML Code VT40 & VT41
Sheer Audacity Rehydrating is made from tremella fuciformis, pine
mushrooms, and oriental medicine composition. It is a product that helps
to soothe skin and supply moisture and nutrition. The high vitamin D
content of tremella fuciformis helps form skin barriers to heal damaged
skin quickly from inside and outside, and helps smooth skin texture by
preventing moisture evaporation in the skin.
Elixer Of Youth Face Start Toner
Category Wrinkle & Elastic
Rx Wrinkle | Resilience | Whitening
Main Ingredients Multi-peptide | Fermented Angelica Keiskei Leaf |
Size 100ML & 520ML Code VT20 & VT21
Complex peptide made of rich, skin-friendly (Amino acid) peptides
provides inner volume,resilience, glow and gloss, and brightness to skin.
Also with dual function (wrinkle care and whitening), it creates more
resilient and clearly defined face.
Inner Matress Reactivating Toner
Category Anti-Aging & Revival
Rx Skin Function Vitalization | Anti-Oxidizing
Main Ingredients Kefir | Peptide | Keimforce | Oriental Herbal Extracts
Size 100ML & 520 ML  Code VT10 & VT11
Main ingredient of this toner is Keimforce™, our an in-house research and
development formula, extracts sprouts from buckwheat and wheat with
rich minerals from deep ocean water, and has excellent anti-aging effects.
Above all, ionic organic minerals increase the absorption of the skin to
activate deteriorated skin functions and It turns rough skin texture into
smooth skin.
Sheer Audacity Rehydrating Toner
Basic Toner02 Toner
Category Acne & Sensitive
Rx Acne | Sensitive | Skin Recovery
Main Ingredients Lactoferrin | Bakuchiol | PGA | Panthenol
Size 100 ML & 520 ML Code VT50 & VT51
It is a power energizer toner to restore vitality-tired skin, cause of micro - dust, city pollution,
stress, and internal and external stimuli. The main ingredients, lactoferrin, bakuchiol, PGA,
and panthenol, boost energy that can be spontaneous even in harsh environments and contain
perfection enough to satisfy smooth and changes can be seen by only this toner.
- Strengthening tired skin - Preventing and get rid of acne
- Soothing sensitive skin - Use as bubble toner to skin and scalp
Perfect Rhythm Rebalance Toner
Category Whitening & Detox
Rx Acne | Pimple
Main Ingredients Methyl sulfonyl methane | Azulene | Peat | Purgatory Extract
Size 100 ML & 520 ML Code VT30 & VT31
It quickly soothes irritation and relieves sensitive skin with main ingredient of methyl sulfonyl
methane (MSM), azulene, peat extract, and purgatory extract. This toner is for sensitive acne that
prevents secondary skin problems makes skin clear and clean.
- Nourishing ion mineral - Preventing and get rid of any kind of acne
- Improve overall skin condition - Dedicated sensitive and acne skin
Tireless Energy Restoration Toner
Serum 01 - Revival Core Anti-Aging & Revival Core Serum
Category Anti-Aging & Revival
Rx Anti-aging | Trouble Control | Skin soothing
Main Ingredients Propolis 12,590 ppm | Naflex™7 | Panthenol
Size 50 ML  Code VS131
Propolis contains moe than 100 kinds of flavonoids and is an anti-aging
serum is suitable for sensitive and damaged skin due to strong reaction
of high function skin are products. Plus our own NAFLEX7 ™ is excellent
for anti-inflammation that control trouble and pimple preventing
your skin irritating.
Monochipcell™ Green Tea
Category Anti-Aging & Revival
Rx External Anti-aging | Improve skin barrier | Nutrition
Main Ingredients Green Tea Calus Culture™ 30,000ppm | Tetrapeptide™ |
Niacinamide | Vitamin B6
Size 50 ML  Code VS121
Pure green tea extracted without any damage can deliver deep moisture
into the skin.  We are promising best synergy effect with combination
of our in house formula Tetrapeptide - 51 which help brightening effect
with anti-pigmentation properties. Overall, this serum replenishes skin
for soft and helps moisture barrier.
Brilliant Skin Restore EF
Category Anti-Aging & Revival
Rx Internal anti-aging | Improve skin layer | Skin boosting
Main Ingredients EGF | Ginseng Root | Hyaluronic Acid
Size 50 ML Code VS111
Catechin (EGCG), a representative bioactive substance of green tea leaves,
is a type of polyphenol that enhances the skin's resistance to external
anti-aging and other harmful substances that make skin sensitive.
In addition, our own Tetrapeptide-51 ™ is an essential skin care that
protects your skin against heat from strong heat and UV rays.
Metabolism Active Propolis
Serum 02 - Wrinkle Core Wrinkle & Elastic Core Serum
Category Wrinkle & Elastic
Rx Inner elastic | Facial lifting
Main Ingredients Acetyl Hexapeptide | Snake venom peptides
Size 50 ML  Code VS211
A key ingredient for intensive wrinkle care for 1.1mm skin mattresses
has a three-step process that fills the entire, face with deep elasticity,
moisturizes to the surface of the skin, and revitalizes the radiant,
glowing skin. Together this steps make your skin more radiant
more strong, more elastic.
Spot Deep Wrinkle Tauten
Category Wrinkle & Elastic
Rx Fine lines Wrinkles | Volume up | Elasticity
Main Ingredients Hyaluronic | ATP [Adenosine Triphosphate] |
Multi Saponins [Red Ginseng]
Size 50 ML  Code VS220
Adenosin Triphosphate (ATP), an emerging ingredient and a major
component of cell energy metabolism, is also an essential component
of cell activity and restores skin's natural strength by boosting degraded
skin function. In addition, by filling the moisture volume in the skin,
it not onlyenhances elasticity, but also provides perfect elastic skin such
as mouth wrinkle (dry wrinkle) and fine lines & wrinkles.
Eye Wrinkle Smooth Out
Category Wrinkle & Elastic
Rx Fine lines | Eye bag, eye wrinkle | Eyelid elasticity
Main Ingredients Ceramide | 6 peptides | Phytosterols [pomegranate]
Size 30 ML Code VS231
As fine lines wrinkles increase eye elasticity is also loosened. If you care
with intensive eye care which synergy of salmon DNA + collagen peptide
+ adenosine, the cutting-edge formula for the younger-looking skin for
young eyes with good care. Vitamin peptide helps circulation in capillary
to brighten dark circle while palmitoleic oligopeptide and wrinkle
solution improve and prevent wrinkle inside/outside of skin.
Superb Amazing Result
Serum 03 - D-tox Core Whitening & D-tox Core Serum
Category Brightening & Refreshing
Rx Freckle|Blemish
Main Ingredients Glutathione | Usability licorice | Ascorbic Glucoside | Tranexamoyl tetrapeptide – 51
Size 50 ML Code VS320
For skin glowing most powerful ingredients gather together in one bottle such as glutathione,
licorice, ascorbic glucoside and niacinamide, moreover our in house formula tranexamote
etrapeptide--51 ™ will make more effectively penetrate to help for pigmentation, moreover this
is world first formula that whitening plus anti-photoaging properties.
Dark Spot Deep Whitening
Category Brightening & Refreshing
Rx Brightening | Metabolic activity | Eye Contour
Main Ingredients Alpha Bisabolol | CTP | MonochipcellTM Passion Fruit
Size 50 ML Code VS310
Of the 0.6mm skin, the thinnest eye area has very little sebaceous gland, so it dries easily,
sagging under the eyes due to reduced elasticity, and also darkens easily to internal and external
factors, so it is not easy to manage when it enters the skin surface. MonochipCell ™ Passion Fruits
is a unique ingredient that has been developed to solve total problems with non-irritation
through the action of brightening power that exceeds metabolic activity, elasticity and functionality.
Anti-Freckle Intense EF
Serum 04 - Moisturizing Core Moisturizing & Soothing Core Serum
Category Moisture & Soothe
Rx Resilience | Skin soothing | Glow
Main Ingredients Snail slime | Beta Glucan | White Ear Mushroom |
Lion's mane
Size 50 ML  Code VS420
Sensitive skin, coarse skin and dryness, the original Naflex ™ 12 self-
developed skin-rejuvenating action for your skin that needs quick
moisture, and soothing, restores normal skin rhythm and relieves rapid
skin soothing and stress. As a relaxing action, you can meet the best
skin condition.
Monochipcell™ Bambooshoot
Category Moisture & Soothe
Rx Lipid Care | Quick Drying [Wrinkles] | Oil-Free Balance
Main Ingredients Monochipcell ™ Bamboo Shoots | Pearl Extract |
Size 50 ML  Code VS430
Inner dryness, fasting, and dry ringing that ages is the cause of the skin's
ceramide! The skin ceramide that holds moisture away from the skin is
problem that can be solved by simply replenishing moisture.
Monochipcell Bamboo Shoot serum take care weaked inner dryness,
strengthing ceramide,, firmly improves and solves the general problem
in the skin. it also keep skin moisturizing to help look skin glowing.
Extreme Moisture Fill Up
Category Moisture & Soothe
Rx Skin barrier strengthening | Long term moisturizing
Main Ingredients Squalane | 20 kinds of amino acids | Hyaluronic acid
Size 50 ML Code VS410
Water-based skin makes the skin barrier strong by creating a
moisturizing factor, so that the moisture in the skin can stay long. For a
healthy skin barrier, we have collected  super-powered formulas such as
hydrolyzed collagen, squalene, hyaluronic acid and 20 kinds multi-amino
acids, and which are strengthened by their own restorative ability  to
moist and vital skin under any conditions.
The Purest Mucus of Snail
Serum 05 - Sensitive Core Acne & Sensitive Core Serum
Category Acne & Sensitive
Rx Teenage & adult pimple | Sebum control | Skin calming
Main Ingredients Bee venom | Naflex ™ 3 | Solanum Melongena fruit extract
Size 50 ML Code VS511
Bee Venom has about 1200 times the antibiotic power than penicillin, which helps soothe and
relieve the problematic skin. Melittin and Apamin, the main ingredients of the Bee Venom,
increase resistance from inside and outside and help return to healthy skin on itself. Moreover,
our unique Naflex ™ 3, bee venom and solanum melongenid fruit extract gradually improves
the overall causes of inflammatory & acne skin and gradually restores comfort to make your skin
healthy and hydrated.
Invisible Pore Control
Category Acne & Sensitive
Rx Pore Care | Exfoliation | Sebum control
Main Ingredients Germanium | Peat extracts | Hyaluronic
Size 50 ML Code VS521
Pre-care is crucial for skin care routine because the firm pores are the base of original skin, and
once the pores are stretched like the orange peel cannot be restored. Invisible Pore Control is a
pore genius serum that solves keratin, sebum, contraction, and troubles all at once.
1. Purification from inside and outside
2. Skin function activation
3. Clean up uneven skin tone
4. Pore contraction and activation of pore action
Double Intensify Effect
Cream01 Cream
Category Acne & Sensitive
Rx Restoration Mechanism Apply Elixir hasah heregtei
Main Ingredients Naflex™3 and 5 | Oriental Herbs Extracts | Shea Butter Base
Size 30 ML    Code VC60
Elixir Cream is based on 'Jawoongo'  multi purpose ointment. It is good for soothing and
moisturizing skin, especially for sunburn. Use as cure skin problems such as very dry skin,
itching, sweat and eczema. Soothes the sunburns of the summer sun. It was developed as a
cosmetic that added strong moisturizing power to patches that were applied to atopic skin with
extremely itchy skin. This cream can be used from infants to adults with 12 kinds of natural herbal
materials such as Jacho, Angelica, Persimmon, Licorice, Peony, and White Pap.
Bioderma Energizer Shield
Category Whitening & Detox
Rx Whitening | Detox | NMF (Skin Barrier)
Main Ingredients Tranexamoyl Tetrapeptide-51 | Ceramide | Squalene | Multi-peptide
Size 30 ML    Code VC30
It protects skin from all types of harmful elements and prevents dehydration to maintain optimal
skin balance. Also skin-friendly ceramide and squalane penetrate deep into the skin to help
improving skin glow and texture. Through clinical test on skin clearing and melanin improvement
effects, its efficacy was proven. Skin function activation, the source of vitality and energy of the
skin is only to skin elasticity and wrinkle improvement, helping to create skin while it is tight.
[Clinical test: brightening, melanin skin improvement effect]
Restoration Mechanism Apply Cream(Elixir)
Cream02 Cream
Category Anti-Aging & Revival
Rx Anti-Aging | Wrinkle | Recovery
Main Ingredients Multi Peptide | Adenosine | Oriental Herbs
Size 30 ML    Code VC10
As skin functions slow down because of internal/external factors, skin’s resilience, wrinkle, rough
texture, and dull colors present aging process on skin surface. High-function multi peptide and
wrinkle solution will answer for all of the concerns.
1. Anti-oxidizing by vitalizing skin function
2. Improve skin resilience and provide skin glow
3. Energize inner skin recovery capability and treat wrinkles
Ultra Hydrating Face Fill Up
Category Moisture & Soothe
Rx Skin Soothing | Moisturizing & Nourishment
Main Ingredients Naflex 12™ | Tremella Fuciformis | Squalene
Size 30 ML    Code VC40
Hericium Erinaceum (Mushroom) Extract, Tremella Fuciformis (Mushroom) Extract, Squalene and
Ovaco's own formula, Naflex™12, instantly supplies moisture to tired or dry skin. At the last stage
of the skin care, the skin surface is coated with moisture to prevent it from drying out. It also
quickly permeates the skin without any stickiness, conveying moisture and nutrients to the skin's
core, and strengthens the skin that has lost of elasticity. It calms the stress of tired skin and has
a long moisturizing effect.
Advanced Brilliant Recovery
Spicule Cream Category : Wrinkle & Elastic
Rx : Skin Energy | Wrinkle | Resilience
Main Ingredients : Chlorella | Wrinkle Solution | Squalane
Expert Main Ingredients : Sodium DNA | Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 | Bio Micro Needle | EGF
Size : 35ML & 80ML  |   Code : VC70 & VC73
Exceedingly small microneedles could provide highly targeted to individual cells. microneedles may provide a powerful
new approach to transdermal drug delivery and represent a promising technology to deliver therapeutic compounds into
the skin for a range of possible applications. Ovaco Spicule Cream main ingredients are consisting with Sodium DNA
multiple peptides such as Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 stimulates keratinocyte cell growth and led to thicker and firmer skin,
Copper Tripeptide-1 which is promotes regular collagen, elastin, proteoglycan, and provides anti-inflammatory and
antioxidant responses used as anti-wrinkle, after sun, skin renewal, skin moisturizer, hair growth stimulating process.
Sh-oligopeptide-1 is the human Epidermal Growth Factor indicated on colon bacillus produced by bio engineering
technology. It is composed of 53 amino acids with a molecular width of 6,200 Dalton.
EGF is one of the important growth factors in human body.
It can accelerate the growth of the epidermal cells, cellular nervosa, and epithelial cells on tissues of organs.
EGF is an important ingredient of cosmetics for anti-wrinkle and anti-aging purposes.
Main ingredients are consisting with Sodium DNA multiple peptides such as Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 stimulates keratinocyte
cell growth and led to thicker and firmer skin, Copper Tripeptide-1 which is promotes regular collagen, elastin,
proteoglycan, and provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant responses used as anti-wrinkle, after sun, skin renewal,
skin moisturizer, hair growth stimulating process. 2 types of sizes offer both home care & professionals.
Perfectionist Spicule Cream & Perfectionist Spicule Cream Expert
Timeslip Cica Gel Cream Timeslip Cica Gel Cream Category : Acne & Sensitive, Pimple

Rx : Moisturizing | Soothing | Refreshment | Resilience
Main Ingredients : Asiaticoside & Madecassoside | GABA | Dipeptide-15 | Panthenol
Size : 70 ML  & 250ML
Code : VC72 & VC74

Ovaco Timeslip Cica Gel Cream is formulated with Asiaticoside, Madecassoside and Gaba ingredients to quickly
soothe and replenish irritated skin, creating a moist and smooth skin texture. To keep the skin moisturized and protected
after get irritation. With synergy effect of Panthenol, known as Vitamin B3, helps reinforce the skin barrier and help
dry skin increase its water holding capacity.

1. For dry skin, even for hypoallergenic
2. For skin easily affected by the external environment
3. Skin trouble care and quick soothing
4. Reduces skin redness and repairs skin barrier
Face Oil Face Oil
Category Face Oil
Size 30 ML Code VO21
Bisabolol is chamomile extract, is botanically – derived active ingredient. Bisabolol has many
benefits for stressed skin types, especially acne prone. It has powerful anti-irritant and anti-
inflammatory properties. It is also antibacterial, so it helps prevent acne bacteria from
proliferating, and anti-fungal.
It's great for these skin care applications
- Acne-prone skin
- Inflamed and sensitized skin
- Skin exposed to UV radiation and/or environmental toxins
Bakuchiol Face Oil(Ultra Repair)
Category Face Oil
Size 30 ML Code VO11
Bakuchiol is called Phyto-Retinol which means plant based retinol. Bakuchiol is a naturally
ingredient in the seeds of a plant called Bogolji or Pagoji, which grows in the Indian and Asia.
A fresh feeling without stickiness and moisturizing function is extraordinary! This oil dedicated
for reducing appearance of fine lines and maintaining skin elasticity. Work good for blemish
prone acne. This formula does not clog pores, cause breakouts, blackheads, pimples or irritate.
It's great for these skin care applications
- To mix with your existing products in order to enhance their performance in particularly Sun & BB cream.
- Use at night mixing a few drops into your serums, face moisturizers masks apply to face and neck.
- Alternatively apply 2-drops directly to skin gently massage the skin.
Bisabolol Face Oil(Ultra Glow)
Herbal Healing Zone01 Herbal Healing Zone X
Category Healing Zone
Rx Protection of skin barrier | Remove impurities
Main Ingredients Naflex™10 [Sanguisorba root and Hericium erinaceus Pers extract]
Size 300 ML Code VZ10
Herbal Healing Zone X₁₀ CLEANSER is relieved cleansert which protect skin softly to minimize
stimulation of sensitive skin. Sanguisorba root and Hericium erinaceus Pers extract, main
ingredient of NAFLEX™10 relax sensitive skin quickly and mitigate stimulation from in-and-outside.
It also maintains to moist skin not easily dry. For baby it can be use as shampoo without any irritation.
Herbal Healing Zone X₇ Lotion
Category Healing Zone
Rx Moisturizing | Skin protection | Skin Vitalization
Main Ingredients Naflex™ 7 [11 Herbal extract composition]
Size 200 ML Code VZ40
Herbal Healing Zone X₇ LOTION mitigates stimulation from in-and-outside and reinforces skin
protection from toxic substance by itself. Licorice, Lonicer a flower, Korean angelica root,
Poria cocos, Angelica root, White atractylis, Forsythia fruit, Ginseng, Milk vetch root, Peony, and
dried orange peel, 11 Herbal medicine composition, main ingredient of NAFLEX™7 assist skin
vitalization to supply nutrition for weak skin. It helps skin from rough to smooth.
Herbal Healing Zone X₁₂ Cleanser
Herbal Healing Zone02 Herbal Healing Zone X
Category Healing Zone
Rx Skin Restore | Skin Barrier | Immediate Relief Soothing
- Relaxing and easing sensitive skin
- Stabilizing unstable skin rhythm
- Improving rough skin and supply moisturizing
Main Ingredients Naflex™2 (The Korean fir and Rhododendron]
Size 100 ML Code VZ20
Herbal Healing Zone X2 MIST mitigates sharply sensitive skin by in-and-outside stimulation.
The Abies Korean and Rhododendron, main ingredient of NAFLEX™2 have great effect to
eradicate harmful substances. It helps for skin to normalize fast by stabilizing unstable skin
balance. Also Improving rough skin and supplying moisture make moist and smooth skin all day.
Herbal Healing Zone X₅ Balm
Category Healing Zone
Rx Recovering damaged skin | Making skin barrier | Excitation-relaxation
Main Ingredients NAFLEX™5 [The chrysanthemum extract]
Size 30 ML Code VZ30
Herbal Healing Zone X5 BALM is the skin care product which protects skin from sensitive
problems. Main ingredient of NAFLEX™5, The chrysan the mum extract, not only works on
recovering damaged skin as fast as possible but also mitigates hyper sensitive skin safety and
quickly. Also It relaxes stimulation from in-and-outside and supports to making more powerful
skin protection.
Herbal Healing Zone X₂ Mist
BB Cream / Sunscreen Gel Cream BB Cream / Sunscreen Gel Cream
Category Personal Skin Care - Make Up
Rx Wrinkle | Whitening | Ultraviolet [Triple Function]
Main Ingredients Dehydroellacetin™
Size 40 ML Code VD10
BB Expert Cream protects the skin from ultraviolet rays through the first and second delicate UV
protection. It makes skin radiant and flawless as it was before. Its lightweight formula delivers a
freshly mixed application everytime. It wears beautifully for 12 hours and is oil free.
Sunscreen Gel Cream
Category Personal Skin Care - Cream
Rx Anti-Oxidant | Moisture & Soothing | UV Protector
Main Ingredients Limnanthes Alba Seed Oil | Propolis Extract | Bacillus Extract
Size 40 ML Code VD20
UV sunscreen gel is recommended to the sensitive skin easily get irritaion by thickly applied
sunscreen. Lightweight mineral sunscreen provides SPF 50 protection. Formula is non-irritating,
non-sensitizing, cruelty-free, and formulated without any synthetic fragrances.
Expert BB Cream
Mist Mist
Category Mist
Rx Moisture | Soothing | Trouble
Main Ingredients Tree sap | Naflex 3 | Dipropylene glycol | 1,2-Hexanediol
Size 100 ML Code VM10 & VM40
It keeps moist and healthy skin by moisture maintenance & easing stimulation for long hours
following internal and external factors, manages damaged skin caused by lack of sleep and stress
as lively skin in a short time.
For Optimization Balancing
Category Mist
Rx Oil & Water balance | Moisture
Main Ingredients Dipropylene Glycol | Niacinamide | 1,2-Hexanediol | Sodium Hyaluronate
Size 100 ML Code VM20 & VM30
This liquefied [oil & water balancing] mist which is noted for sprayed lotion maintains oil & water
for a long time without greasiness and stickiness, helps dry skin which is exposed to dry
environment & sensitive skin which has a weak retention power.
For Pure Mineral Hydrating
Cleansing Milk Rose Water Cleansing Milk & Rose Water Cleansing Milk Plus Category : Cleanser

Rx : Cleanser lotion
Main Ingredients : Rose Flower extract | Rose water | Jojoba oil | Avocado oil
Size : 100 ML & 520 ML
Code : VC90 & VC91

Rosewater cleansing milk lotion lightweight cleansing lotion is excellent for through yet gentle
makeup removal pollutants dirt particles.
Enriched with softening an elegant slip to creams and lotions.
This creamy cleansing milk preserves skin’s natural hydration and leaves it clean, supple and comfortable.
Mask Pack Cream Mask Pack Cream
Category Ultra Brightening
Rx Melanin Whitening Function | Skin Tone Up
Main Ingredients Pink Clay | Niacinamide | Yuza Seed Oil
Size 100ML Code VP30
Pink clay is a clean and uncontaminated clay that rich in mineral and
niacin amide is the derivatives of Vitamin B which is essential to our
bodies. These two substances work excellent for sebum control and pore
refining, forming a tightened baby skin. Yuza seed oil has the whitening
effect since it suppress the production of melanin.
Repair Mask Pack Cream
Category Wrinkle & Brightening
Rx Wrinkle Improvement | Ultra Nourishing
Main Ingredients Bambusa Arundinacea Stem Extract |
Sacha Inchi Oil Extract | Ginseng Fruit Extract
Size 100ML Code VP20
This repair mask pack to accelerate skin's natural cell renewal in 28days
and providing all essential nutrition. Formula itself dedicated to look of
the fine lines, superficial facial scarring and uneven skin texture. skin
feels smoother and looks more radiant. Apply night time before you
sleep leave it during the night and rinse in the morning.
Sleeping Mask Pack Cream
Category Wrinkle & Soothing
Rx Skin Rejuvenation | Moisturization
Main Ingredients Spirulina Platensis Extract | Chlorella | Arginine
Size 100ML Code VP40
Sleeping mask pack cream is aimed to activate and revitalize your skin
while you are sleeping. It contains in total 13 pure botanical extracts.
Spirulina platensis extract is natural and rich in amino acid, it helps to
boost the skin’s metabolism and reduce the sign of aging. Chlorella is
another natural substance that contain abundant of protein, vitamins
and mineral, it helps to restore the tired skin and maintain the skin
Shining Mask Pack Cream
All Sweep Mask All Sweep Mask
Category Wrinkle & Tauten
Rx Wrinkle Function | Deep Nourishment
Main Ingredients Caviar Extract | Ginseng Extract | Ginseng Berry Extract
Size 25 ML Code VP50
Ovaco Intensive repair mask provides immediate deep nourishment to
skin lacking elasticity and moisture for healthy look. 100% Natural Eco
Sheet extracted from cellulose of the tree is environment friendly and
chemical-free, and closely adhering to the face to absorb much more
moisture and nourishment.
Deep Hydrating Mask
Category Moisture & Soothing
Rx Skin Moisturizing | Fast Soothing
Main Ingredients Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Extract | Trehalose
Size 25 ML Code VP60
Ovaco Deep Hydrating Mask is lotus petals rich in morning dew with
moisturizing effect to provide pure, minerals of deep sea for dry and dull
skin with soothing and moisturising effect. 100% eco-friendly fiber sheet
is extremely soft and it’s not irritating to the skin.
Hydro Shining Mask
Category Brightening & Refreshing
Rx Brightening Function | Shiny & Glowing Skin
Main Ingredients Berries Extract (Black Currant, Blueberry,
Blackberry, Grape, Raspberry) | Niacinamide
Size 25 ML Code VP70
Ovaco Hydro Shining Snow White Pearl sheet mask provides moisturizing
effect to obtain shiny and glowing skin. It contains about 20 amino acids.
Pearl sheet has high water absorption and can retain essence for long
periods of time. It’s an eco-friendly sheet with a natural fiber material
that’s skin tight and airy.
Intensive Repair Mask
Massage Cream Massage Cream
Category Body
Rx Pain reliefe | Reduce cellulite
Main Ingredients Ultra strength & speed relieving cream | Long lasting action | MSM |
Boswellia Ex | Mussel & Achyranthes Ex
Size 70 ML & 250 ML Code VC 82 & VC81
Relieves Joint, Knee, Neck, Elbow, back and wrist pain and muscle recovery and protection cream.
Pain relievers: Muscle recovery, boosting blood circulation, & Cellulite Care. Soothes and relaxes
tight tired muscles, with powerful ingredients which functioning of anti-inflammation and alleviate
soreness. This cream acts and defense at multiple levels of cellulite, it has connective tissue repair
and skin firming, cellulite remover combats skin aging, non-oilu it absorbs quicker than other oils.
Boosting Cream
Category Cream & Body
Rx RF Cream
Main Ingredients Squalene | Betaine | Ceramide | Hyaluronic Acid
Size 80 ML & 520 ML Code VC 83 & VC80
Ovaco’s moisturizing milk boosting cream replenishes skin to help to improve hydration and
smoothness. Both body and face applicable, it contains hyaluronic acid, found naturally in skin,
to boost skin cells, hydration and lock it in, playing role of binder for moisturizing, suitable for
sensitive skin, the non-stickiness texture, lightweight more like lotion type.
Power Active Cream
PROBIO-6 Series PROBIO-6 Series
Category Body
Rx Moisturizing
Main Ingredients Lactobacillus Ferment Extract | a Hyaluronic acid |
Allantoin | Arginine
Size 300 ML Code VB30
A Body Lotion that moisturizing, protects, and soothes the skin while
leaving it delightfully scented. Provides instant hydration for your skin.
Dedicated all skin types including hypersensitive skin. Leaves skin
incredible soft and smooth and smells clean and fresh. Apply as a day or
night cream to hands and body. Moreover this one is non-creasy formula.
Probio-6 Body Wash
Category Hair & Body
Rx Skin protecting | Gentle Moisturizing | Refreshing |
Main Ingredients Lactobacillus Ferment Extract + α
Size 300 ML Code VB10
Ovaco Probio-6 Body Wash is a deep moisturizing and nourishing body
wash/cleanser containing 6 types of Lactobaillus ferment extracts. It
relieves irritation of sensitive skin, strengthens the weakened skin barrier,
removes harmful substances, and makes the body skin nourished and
smooth. Fresh scent of cotton blossom and white musk fragrance left
pleasant feeling even after shower.
Feminine Inner Foaming Wash
Category Cleanser
Rx Itchiness | Deodorization | Reduce odor |
Clean the vagina | Moisturizing
Main Ingredients Lactobacillus Ferment Extract + α Gaba | Depiptide-15 |
Size 150ML Code VB20
OVACO patent technology anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-allergy
work for  gentle and mild natural feelings for all types of skin even a
sensitive skin. The rich bubble makes you comfortable. Reduce odor and
moisturizes vaginal area. Easy application praised lot of customer which
just one pump dispenses foam to cleanse and soothe women's intimate area.
Probio-6 Body Lotion
Category Body
Main Ingredients Coconut oil | Sophora | Honeysuckle |
Chrysanthemum | Safflower | Tocopherol
Size 300 ML Code VB40
Organic coconut oil 95% pure is light and fresh all day long, 4 types of
infused flower petal and vitamin D help improve rough and irritated
dry/ sensitive type skin.
Hand Cream
Category Body
Rx Skin protection | restoration
Main Ingredients Crocodile Oil
Size 50 ML Code VB50
Powerful moisturizer that keeps the smoothness of skin even under UV
sunlight, water, mud! Crocodile oil forms strong protective layer to keeps
skin in a highly moisture even exposed in an extreme environment and
soften the hand. Crocodile oil is able to reduce the redness of skin,
irritation and heal the wounds. OVACO DAILY HAND CREAM tackles
dryness by wraps skin in a soothing blanket of penetrating moisture, it
keeps the hands looking young with this Crocodile oil-enriched hand cream.
Aromacology Y [Aroma Perfume]
Category Body
Rx Removing Unpleasant Odor | Calming
Main Ingredients 6 Essential Oils | 7 Botanical Oils
Size 7ML 0.24FL.OZ Code VU30
The Ovaco Aromacology Y is a feminine aroma perfume made with 6
essential oils and 7 botanical oils. It helps removing unpleasant body
odors specially during period.
What it's good for
1. Relaxing
2. Removing odors
Coconut&Flowers Body Oil
Root & Shaft Series01 Root & Shaft Series Category : Hair

Root & Shaft is professional hair care line consist with 4-5 steps of scalp care & hair loss prevention.
Core ingredient is Biotinoyltetrapeptide51 which is SONIMEDI own research and development
patented formula combining biotin + silk tetrapeptide. It protects the scalp from ultraviolet rays
by acting on reactive oxygen species (ROS). The biotin component can penetrate the scalp pores,
the structure of the inducer peptide has an excellent function that can make hair root stronger.
Root & Shaft Set LIST · Enhancing Shampoo 520ml
· Speed Remove & Clean 200ml
· Sturdy hair root serum 100ml
· Scaling Solution Mist 100ml
· Wild hair shaft ampoule 5ml
Root & Shaft Series02 Root & Shaft Series
Category Root & Shaft Scalp Deep Cleanser
Rx Non-Synthetic surfactant | Natural Plant Oil base |
NaflexTM8 | Natural Charcoal Powder
Main Ingredients Naflex™8
Size 200 ML Code VR10
More than 6 kinds of natural plan base oil such as coconut oil cleanse
impurities from scalp without any irritation. Cleansing hair scalp gently
exfoliates skin hair residue, leaving scalp and hair nourished and purifies.
For all hair types, hair treatment detox hair care, made with no sulfates,
proc-vides a deep clean.
Root Serum
Category Root & Shaft Sturdy Root Serum
Rx Scalp Protection | Scalp & Root Care
Main Ingredients Biotinoyltetrapeptide51™
Size 100 ML Code VR20
Our own patented formula combining biotin +silk tetrapeptide
Biotinoyltetrapeptide51™ protects the scalp from ultraviolet rays by
acting on reactive oxygen species(ROS). The biotin component penetrate
into the scalp pores, the inducer peptide help to make hair root stronger.
Wild Hair Shaft Ampoule Set
Category Root & Shaft Hair Shaft Ampoule Set
Rx Scalp & Root Care | Trouble Prevention | Hair Regrowth
Main Ingredients Red Junglefowl Blastoderm Pluripotent Cell Culture
Conditioned Media
Size 5ML x 12 &
Aromacology 5ML x 2
Code VR70
The world’s first advanced bio-hair regrowth ingredient, proliferate
hVEGF, hKGF, hIGF, and hBCLXL, the growth factors of hair root cells,
which promote hair growth. The longterm use helps conventional
hair regrowth.
Speed Remove & Clean
Root & Shaft Series03 Root & Shaft Series
Category Root & Shaft Enhancing Shampoo
Rx External Anti-ging | Improve kin arrier | Nutrition
Main Ingredients Disodium cocoamphodiacetate | Chamaecyparis Obtusa Water |
Lauryl Glucoside| Butylene Glycol
Size 520 ML Code VR60
Enhancing Shampoo helps to reduce excess sebum production caused by external factors,
and remove the harmful substances. Also it provides essential nutrition to scalp which makes
scalp and hair healthy.
Hair Scalp Mist
Category Root & Shaft Enhancing Mist
Rx External Anti-ging | Improve kin arrier | Nutrition
Main Ingredients Abies Koreana Leaf Extract | Panthenol | Centella Asiatica Leaf
Size 100 ML Code VR50
This hair program very first application of entire program scaling mist is removing all dirt from
scalp. It works as scalp exfoliation, scalp cleansing, or scalp scaling opening. Silicone and sulfate
free. Strengthening daily scalp mist gently remove dandruff while nourishing sensitive scalp and
weak hair with natural ingredients.
Enhancing Shampoo
Melanocell 3 Set & Hair Serum Melanocell 3 Set / Hair Serum Desdemona Hair Serum
Rx Damaged Hair Care |
Specialized Hair Perfume
Main Ingredients 5Types of Herb Essence |
Oriental Medicine Ingredients
Size 120 ML Code VH40
5types of herb essence and oriental medicine ingredients
for damaged hair provide glow and nutrients to each
strand of hair and leave no residue on hand as hair
absorbs serum completely. Also with exotic aromatic
scent, the serum could be used as perfume.
Category Hair
Rx Gray Hair Management
Main Ingredients Naflex™ 10 | Biotin
Size 520 ML Code VH20
Dry hair shampoo optimizing hair health and promoting
hair growth. Biotin claim to reduce hair loss and stimulates
keratin production in hair and can increase the rate of
follicle growth.
Melanocell Shampoo - Oily Hair
Category Hair
Rx Gray Hair Management
Main Ingredients Naflex™ 10 | Korea Abies Sap
Size 520 ML Code VH10
Non-silicone formula does not cover scalp feels refreshing,
get rid of smelly scalp, dandruff care, cooling 4 kind if
plan base oils help damaged and perm hair, 11 kinds of
oriental medicinal formula give all essential nutrition
to hair root.
Melanocell Conditioner
Category Hair
Rx Gray Hair Management
Main Ingredients Naflex™ 10 | Silkpeptide |
Pro vitamin B5
Size 520 ML Code VH30
Silk peptides penetrates intp the hair bulb and nourish it
from the roots up. Reducing dryness, repairing split ends,
and making hair silkier. This conditioner moisturizes and
nourishes each strand of hair and forms a protective
shield around the scalp thus rejuvenating damaged locks
and keeping them shiny.
Melanocell Shampoo - Dry Hair

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