Superb Amazing Result

Category: Wrinkle & Elastic

Rx: Inner elastic | Facial lifting

Main Ingredients: Acetyl Hexapeptide | Snake venom peptides

Size: 50 ML      Code: VS211

A key ingredient for intensive wrinkle care for 1.1mm skin mattresses has a three-step process that fills the entire, face with deep elasticity, moisturizes to the surface of the skin, and revitalizes the radiant, glowing skin. Together this steps make your skin more radiant more strong, more elastic.

  1. Improve resilience with volume boost from within
  2. Excellent in skin resilience and lifting
  3. Safe and quick wrinkle care with Acetyl Hexapeptide
  • Suitable for skin, sensitive to functional ingredient

Spot Deep Wrinkle Tauten

Category: Wrinkle & Elastic

Rx: Fine lines Wrinkles | Volume up | Elasticity

Main Ingredients: Hyaluronic | ATP [Adenosine Triphosphate] | Multi Saponins [Red Ginseng]

Size: 50 ML     Code: VS220

The power of one drop of this serum is awaken your skin! Adenosin Triphosphate (ATP), an emerging ingredient and a major component of cell energy metabolism, is also an essential component of cell activity and restores skin’s natural strength by boosting degraded skin function. In addition, by filling the moisture volume in the skin, it not only enhances elasticity, but also provides perfect elastic skin such as mouth wrinkle (dry wrinkle) and fine lines & wrinkles.

  1. Dual effect for intensive wrinkle improvement [Volume up & Resilience]
  2. Improve inner/external wrinkle
  3. Improve rough and dry skin
  • Specialized Anti-Wrinkle Serum [Wrinkle Solution]

Eye Wrinkle Smooth Out

Category: Wrinkle & Elastic

Rx: Fine lines | Eye bag, eye wrinkle | Eyelid elasticity

Main Ingredients: Ceramide | 6 peptides | Phytosterols [pomegranate]

Size: 30 ML               Code: VS231

As fine lines wrinkles increase eye elasticity is also loosened. If you care with intensive eye care which synergy of salmon DNA + collagen peptide + adenosine, the cutting-edge formula for the younger-looking skin for young eyes with good care.

Vitamin peptide helps circulation in capillary to brighten dark circle while palmitoleic oligopeptide and wrinkle solution improve and prevent wrinkle inside/outside of skin.

  1. Improve and prevent eye wrinkle
  2. Improve dark circle
  3. Improve drooped eyelids
  4. Provide skin resilience and color

*     Specialized Anti-Wrinkle Serum [Wrinkle Solution]