Anti-Freckle Intense EF

Category: Brightening & Refreshing

Rx: Freckle/ Blemish

Main Ingredients: Glutathione | Usability licorice | Ascorbic Glucoside | Tranexamoyl tetrapeptide – 51

Size: 50 ML                   Code: VS320

For skin glowing most powerful ingredients gather together in one bottle such as glutathione, licorice, ascorbic glucoside and niacinamide, moreover our in house formula tranexamote etrapeptide–51 ™ will make more effectively penetrate to help for pigmentation, moreover this  is world first formula that whitening plus anti-photoaging properties.

  1. Treat surface blemishes
  2. Suppress melanin pigmentation with triple care system
  3. Provide clear and pure face
  • Specialized Whitening Serum [Whitening Solution]

Dark Spot Deep Whitening

Category: Brightening & Refreshing

Rx: Brightening | Metabolic activity | Eye Contour

Main Ingredients: Alpha Bisabolol | CTP | MonochipcellTM Passion Fruit

Size: 50 ML               Code: VS310

Of the 0.6mm skin, the thinnest eye area has very little sebaceous gland, so it dries easily, sagging under the eyes due to reduced elasticity, and also darkens easily to internal and external factors, so it is not easy to manage when it enters the skin surface. MonochipCell ™ Passion Fruits is a unique ingredient that has been developed to solve total problems with non-irritation through the action of brightening power that exceeds metabolic activity, elasticity and functionality.

  1. Dual whitening effect for dark circle
  2. Help capillary circulation and improve swollen eye
  3. Protect and moisturize thin skin

*     Specialized Whitening Serum [Whitening Solution]