Timeslip Cica Gel Cream

Category: Acne & Sensitive, Pimple.

Rx: Moisturizing| Soothing | Refreshment | Resilience

Main Ingredients:Asiaticoside & Madecassoside | GABA | Dipeptide-15 | Panthenol

Size: 70ml & 250ml                Code: VC72 & VC74

Ovaco Timeslip Cica Gel Cream is formulated with Asiaticoside, Madecassoside and Gaba ingredients to quickly soothe and replenish irritated skin, creating a moist and smooth skin texture. To keep the skin moisturized and protected after get irritation. With synergy effect of Panthenol, known as Vitamin B3, helps reinforce the skin barrier and help dry skin increase its water holding capacity.

  1.  For dry skin, even for hypoallergenic
  2.  For skin easily affected by the external environment
  3.  Skin trouble care and quick soothing
  4.  Reduces skin redness and repairs skin barrier