Root & Shaft Set

Category: Hair

Root & Shaft is professional hair care line consist with 4-5 steps of scalp care & hair loss prevention.
Core ingredient is Biotinoyltetrapeptide51 which is SONIMEDI own research and development patented formula combining biotin + silk tetrapeptide. It protects the scalp from ultraviolet rays by acting on reactive oxygen species (ROS). The biotin component can penetrate the scalp pores, the structure of the inducer peptide has an excellent function that can make hair root stronger.

Products: Enhancing Shampoo 520ml, Speed Remove & Clean 200ml, Sturdy hair root serum 100ml, Scaling Solution Mist 100ml, Wild hair shaft ampoule 5ml

Speed Remove & Clean

Category: Root & Shaft Scalp Deep Cleanser

Rx: Non-Synthetic surfactant | Natural Plant Oil base | NaflexTM8 | Natural Charcoal Powder

Main Ingredients: Naflex™8

Size: 200ML                Code: VR10

More than 6 kinds of natural plan base oil such as coconut oil cleanse impurities from scalp without any irritation. Cleansing hair scalp gently exfoliates skin hair residue, leaving scalp and hair nourished and purifies. For all hair types, hair treatment detox hair care, made with no sulfates, proc-vides a deep clean.

Root Serum

Category: Root & Shaft Sturdy Root Serum

Rx: Scalp Protection | Scalp & Root Care

Main Ingredients: Biotinoyltetrapeptide51™

Size: 100ML                Code: VR20

Our own patented formula combining biotin +silk tetrapeptide Biotinoyltetrapeptide51™ protects the scalp from ultraviolet rays by acting on reactive oxygen species(ROS). The biotin component penetrate into the scalp pores, the inducer peptide help to make hair root stronger.

Wild Hair Shaft Ampoule Set

Category: Root & Shaft Hair Shaft Ampoule Set

Rx: Scalp & Root Care | Trouble Prevention | Hair Regrowth

Main Ingredients: Red Junglefowl Blastoderm Pluripotent Cell Culture Conditioned Media

Size: 5ml x 12 & Aromacology 5ml x 2     Code: VR70

The world’s first advanced bio-hair regrowth ingredient, proliferate hVEGF, hKGF, hIGF, and hBCLXL, the growth factors of hair root cells, which promote hair growth. The longterm use helps conventional hair regrowth.

Enhancing Shampoo

Category: Root & Shaft Enhancing Shampoo

Rx: External Anti-ging | Improve kin arrier | Nutrition

Main Ingredients: Disodium cocoamphodiacetate| Chamaecyparis Obtusa Water| Lauryl Glucoside| Butylene Glycol

Size: 520ML                Code: VR60

Enhancing Shampoo helps to reduce excess sebum production caused by external factors, and remove the harmful substances. Also it provides essential nutrition to scalp which makes scalp and hair healthy.

Hair Scalp Mist

Category: Root & Shaft Enhancing Mist

Rx: External Anti-ging | Improve kin arrier | Nutrition

Main Ingredients: Abies Koreana Leaf Extract | Panthenol | Centella Asiatica Leaf

Size: 100ML                Code: VR50

This hair program very first application of entire program scaling mist is removing all dirt from scalp. It works as scalp exfoliation, scalp cleansing, or scalp scaling opening. Silicone and sulfate free. Strengthening daily scalp mist gently remove dandruff while nourishing sensitive scalp and weak hair with natural ingredients.