Power Active Cream

Category: Body

Rx: Pain reliefe | Reduce cellulite

Main Ingredients: Ultra strength & speed relieving cream | Long lasting action | MSM | Boswellia Ex | Mussel & Achyranthes Ex

Size: 70 ML & 250 ML        Code: VC 82 & VC81

Relieves Joint, Knee, Neck, Elbow, back and wrist pain and muscle recovery and protection cream. Pain relievers: Muscle recovery, boosting blood circulation, & Cellulite Care. Soothes and relaxes tight tired muscles, with powerful ingredients which functioning of anti-inflammation and alleviate soreness. This cream acts and defense at multiple levels of cellulite, it has connective tissue repair and skin firming, cellulite remover combats skin aging, non-oilu it absorbs quicker than other oils. Main ingredients of mussel extract, achyranthes bidentata root extract which ancient Chinese herb healing joint function also medicinal property of strengthening bones and muscles and ensuring proper downward flow of blood in term of the therapeutic theory of the traditional medicine/ External use only, keep out of the children and pets, avoid contact with eyes and mucus membranes including ears, nose, mouth, face, genital, urethral, anus and other sensitive area, use little amount first on a small area to test, discontinue use if uncomfortable or irritation occurs.