The Purest Mucus of Snail

Category: Moisture & Soothe

Rx: Resilience | Skin soothing | Glow

Main Ingredients: Snail slime | Beta Glucan | White Ear Mushroom| Lion’s mane

Size: 50 ML                       Code:VS420

Sensitive skin, coarse skin and dryness, the original Naflex ™ 12 self-developed skin-rejuvenating action for your skin that needs quick moisture, and soothing, restores normal skin rhythm and relieves rapid skin soothing and stress. As a relaxing action, you can meet the best skin condition.

  1. Strengthening restoration and stabilizing skin rhythm
  2. Maintains moisture in the skin and activates its functions
  3. Improving rough skin texture and giving it shine
  4. Alleviation of keratinization and improvement of rough skin texture
    Formation of skin protective layer

Monochipcell™ Bambooshoot

Category: Moisture & Soothe

Rx: Lipid Care | Quick Drying [Wrinkles] | Oil-Free Balance

Main Ingredients: Monochipcell ™ Bamboo Shoots | Pearl Extract | Ceramide

Size: 50 ML                       Code: VS430

Inner dryness, fasting, and dry ringing that ages is the cause of the skin’s ceramide! The skin ceramide that holds moisture away from the skin is problem that can be solved by simply replenishing moisture. Monochipcell Bamboo Shoot serum take care weaked inner dryness, strengthing ceramide,, firmly improves and solves the general problem in the skin. it also keep skin moisturizing to help look skin glowing.

  1. Provide glow and moisture for rough skin and inner dryness
  2. Minimize skin irritation and create skin barrier
  3. Provide essential nutrients that are lacking
  • Suitable for oily skin with inner dryness

Extreme Moisture Fill Up

Category: Moisture & Soothe

Rx: | Skin barrier strengthening | Long term moisturizing

Main Ingredients: Squalane | 20 kinds of amino acids | Hyaluronic acid

Size: 50 ML                     Code: VS410

Water-based skin makes the skin barrier strong by creating a moisturizing factor, so that the moisture in the skin can stay long. For a healthy skin barrier, we have collected  super-powered formulas such as hydrolyzed collagen, squalene, hyaluronic acid and 20 kinds multi-amino acids, and which are strengthened by their own restorative ability  to moist and vital skin under any conditions.

  1. With NMF, maintain moisture for long period
  2. Help smooth skin rhythm and circulation
  3. Strengthen skin protection system