Shining Mask Pack Cream

Category: Ultra Brightening

Rx: Melanin Whitening Function | Skin Tone Up

Main Ingredients: Pink Clay | Niacinamide | Yuza Seed Oil

Size: 100ml       Code: VP30

Pink clay is a clean and uncontaminated clay that rich in mineral and niacin amide is the derivatives of Vitamin B which is essential to our bodies. These two substances work excellent for sebum control and pore refining, forming a tightened baby skin. Yuza seed oil has the whitening effect since it suppress the production of melanin.

  • Suitable for all types of skin
  • Excessive sebum secretion skin type
  • Large pores dull and uneven color toned skin

Repair Mask Pack Cream

Category: Wrinkle & Brightening

Rx: Wrinkle Improvement | Ultra Nourishing

Main Ingredients: Bambusa Arundinacea Stem Extract | Sacha Inchi Oil Extract | Ginseng Fruit Extract

Size: 100ml                 Code: VP 20

This repair mask pack to accelerate skin’s natural cell renewal in 28days and providing all essential nutrition. Formula itself dedicated to look of the fine lines, superficial facial scarring and uneven skin texture. skin feels smoother and looks more radiant. Apply night time before you sleep leave it during the night and rinse in the morning.

  • vitalizing and hydrating skin
  • protects harsh environment
  • works skin’s natural nighttime recovery process.

Sleeping Mask Pack Cream

Category: Wrinkle & Soothing

Rx: Skin Rejuvenation | Moisturization

Main Ingredients: Spirulina Platensis Extract | Chlorella | Arginine

Size: 100ml               Code: VP40

Sleeping mask pack cream is aimed to activate and revitalize your skin while you are sleeping. It contains in total 13 pure botanical extracts. Spirulina platensis extract is natural and rich in amino acid, it helps to boost the skin’s metabolism and reduce the sign of aging. Chlorella is another natural substance that contain abundant of protein, vitamins and mineral, it helps to restore the tired skin and maintain the skin healthiness. Sleeping mask pack supply wide range of essential nutrients to activate the skin’s metabolism during sleeping and make sure you get a fresh and energized skin at the beginning of the day.