Restoration Mechanism Apply Cream(Elixir)

Category: Acne & Sensitive

Rx: Restoration Mechanism Apply Elixir hasah heregtei

Main Ingredients: Naflex™3 and 5 | Oriental Herbs Extracts| Shea Butter Base

Size: 30 ML                   Code: VC60

Elixir Cream is based on ‘Jawoongo’  multi purpose ointment. It is good for soothing and moisturizing skin, especially for sunburn. Use as cure skin problems such as very dry skin, itching, sweat and eczema. Soothes the sunburns of the summer sun. It was developed as a cosmetic that added strong moisturizing power to patches that were applied to atopic skin with extremely itchy skin.  This cream can be used from infants to adults with 12 kinds of natural herbal materials such as Jacho, Angelica, Persimmon, Licorice, Peony, and White Pap.

  1. External stimulation, allergy relief
  2. Improvement of  skin troubles
  3. Reinforced skin barrier
  4. Use as a night pack for troubled skin

Bioderma Energizer Shield

Category: Whitening & Detox

Rx: Whitening | Detox | NMF (Skin Barrier)

Main Ingredients: Tranexamoyl Tetrapeptide-51 | Ceramide | Squalene | Multi-peptide

Size: 30 ML                           Code: VC30

It protects skin from all types of harmful elements and prevents dehydration to maintain optimal skin balance. Also skin-friendly ceramide and squalane penetrate deep into the skin to help improving skin glow and texture. Through clinical test on skin clearing and melanin improvement effects, its efficacy was proven. Skin function activation, the source of vitality and energy of the skin is only to skin elasticity and wrinkle improvement, helping to create skin while it is tight.
[ Clinical test: brightening, melanin skin improvement effect]

  1. Bioconversion ceramide and squalene formula
  2. Maintain optimal skin condition and stabilize skin rhythm
  3. Eliminate harmful elements in skin
  4. Create clear and fair skin color

Advanced Brilliant Recovery

Category: Anti-Aging & Revival

Rx: Anti-Aging | Wrinkle | Recovery

Main Ingredients: Multi Peptide | Adenosine | Oriental Herbs

Size: 30 ML                          Code: VC10

As skin functions slow down because of internal/external factors, skin’s resilience, wrinkle, rough texture, and dull colors present aging process on skin surface. High-function multi peptide and wrinkle solution will answer for all of the concerns.

  1. Anti-oxidizing by vitalizing skin function
  2. Improve skin resilience and provide skin glow
  3. Energize inner skin recovery capability and treat wrinkles
  • Specialized for wrinkle care [Wrinkle Solution]

Ultra Hydrating Face Fill Up

Category: Moisture & Soothe

Rx: Skin Soothing | Moisturizing & Nourishment

Main Ingredients: Naflex 12™ | Tremella Fuciformis | Squalene

Size: 30 ML                          Code: VC40

Hericium Erinaceum (Mushroom) Extract, Tremella Fuciformis (Mushroom) Extract, Squalene and Ovaco’s own formula, Naflex™12, instantly supplies moisture to tired or dry skin. At the last stage of the skin care, the skin surface is coated with moisture to prevent it from drying out. It also quickly permeates the skin without any stickiness, conveying moisture and nutrients to the skin’s core, and strengthens the skin that has lost of elasticity. It calms the stress of tired skin and has a long moisturizing effect.

  1. Quick moisturizing for tired and dry skin
  2. Long-term moisturizing and pH control
  3. Suppress skin trouble
  4. Protect skin from harmful elements