Sheer Audacity Rehydrating Toner

Category: Moisture & Soothe

Rx: Calming | Moisturizing |Nourishment

Main Ingredients: Tremella fuciformis | Tricholoma| Oriental Herbal Extracts

Size: 100ml & 520ml              Code: VT40 & VT41

Sheer Audacity Rehydrating is made from tremella fuciformis, pine mushrooms, and oriental medicine composition. It is a product that helps to soothe skin and supply moisture and nutrition. The high vitamin D content of tremella fuciformis helps form skin barriers to heal damaged skin quickly from inside and outside, and helps smooth skin texture by preventing moisture evaporation in the skin.

Elixer Of Youth Face Start Toner

Category: Wrinkle & Elastic

Rx: Wrinkle | Resilience | Whitening

Main Ingredients: Multi-peptide | Fermented Angelica Keiskei Leaf | Niacinamide

Size: 100ml & 520ml                           Code: VT20 & VT21

Complex peptide made of rich, skin-friendly (Amino acid) peptides provides inner volume,resilience, glow and gloss, and brightness to skin. Also with dual function (wrinkle care and whitening), it creates more resilient and clearly defined face.

Inner Matress Reactivating Toner

Category: Anti-Aging & Revival

Rx: Skin Function Vitalization | Anti-Oxidizing

Main Ingredients: Kefir | Peptide | Keimforce | Oriental Herbal Extracts

Size: 100ml  & 520ml                     Code: VT10 & VT11

Main ingredient of this toner is Keimforce™, our an in-house research and development formula, extracts sprouts from buckwheat and wheat with rich minerals from deep ocean water, and has excellent anti-aging effects. Above all, ionic organic minerals increase the absorption of the skin to activate deteriorated skin functions and It turns rough skin texture into smooth skin.
– Boosting skin function
– Protecting skin from external/internal damage
– Improve skin Elasticity & glossy look
– Balancing elasticity and pore

Tireless Energy Restoration Toner

Category: Acne & Sensitive

Rx: Acne | Sensitive | Skin Recovery

Main Ingredients: Lactoferrin | Bakuchiol | PGA | Panthenol

Size: 100ml & 520ml                       Code: VT50 & VT51

It is a power energizer toner to restore vitality-tired skin, cause of micro – dust, city pollution, stress, and internal and external stimuli. The main ingredients, lactoferrin, bakuchiol, PGA, and panthenol, boost energy that can be spontaneous even in harsh environments and contain perfection enough to satisfy smooth and changes can be seen by only this toner.
– Strengthening tired skin
– Preventing and get rid of acne
– Soothing sensitive skin
– Use as bubble toner to skin and scalp

Perfect Rhythm Rebalance Toner

Category: Whitening & Detox

Rx: Acne | Pimple

Main Ingredients: Methyl sulfonyl methane | Azulene | Peat | Purgatory Extract

Size: 100ml & 520ml              Code: VT30 & VT31

It quickly soothes irritation and relieves sensitive skin with main ingredient of methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM), azulene, peat extract, and purgatory extract. This toner is for sensitive acne that prevents secondary skin problems makes skin clear and clean.
– Nourishing ion mineral
– Preventing and get rid of any kind of acne
– Improve overall skin condition
– Dedicated sensitive and acne skin