Metabolism Active Propolis

Category: Anti-Aging & Revival

Rx: Anti-aging | Trouble Control | Skin soothing

Main Ingredients: Propolis 12,590 ppm | Naflex™7 | Panthenol

Size: 50 ML              Code: VS131

Propolis contains moe than 100 kinds of flavonoids and is an anti-aging serum is suitable for sensitive and damaged skin due to strong reaction of high function skin are products. Plus our own NAFLEX7 ™ is excellent for anti-inflammation that control trouble and pimple preventing your skin irritating.

  1. Strengthen anti-oxidizing & Fast skin recovery
  2. Damaged skin normalizing action
  3. Strengthen natural resistance against internal/external irritation
  4. Strengthen energy for circulation

※ For trouble type and sensitive skin

Monochipcell™ Green Tea

Category: Anti-Aging & Revival

Rx: External Anti-aging | Improve skin barrier | Nutrition

Main Ingredients: Green Tea Calus Culture™ 30,000ppm | Tetrapeptide™ | Niacinamide | Vitamin B6

Size: 50 ML              Code: VS121

Pure green tea extracted without any damage can deliver deep moisture into the skin.  We are promising best synergy effect with combination of our in house formula Tetrapeptide – 51 which help brightening effect with anti-pigmentation properties. Overall, this serum replenishes skin for soft and helps moisture barrier.

Brilliant Skin Restore EF

Category: Anti-Aging & Revival

Rx: Internal anti-aging | Improve skin layer | Skin boosting

Main Ingredients: EGF | Ginseng Root | Hyaluronic Acid

Size: 50 ML          Code: VS111

Catechin (EGCG), a representative bioactive substance of green tea leaves, is a type of polyphenol that enhances the skin’s resistance to external anti-aging and other harmful substances that make skin sensitive. In addition, our own Tetrapeptide-51 ™ is an essential skin care that protects your skin against heat from strong heat and UV rays.

  1. Improve skin turnover balance over 28 days
  2. With EGF, energize skin condition
  3. Anti-oxidizing by suppressing active oxygen
  4. Improve thin, sensitive skin into firm skin