Intensive Repair Mask

Category: Wrinkle & Tauten

Rx: Wrinkle Function | Deep Nourishment

Main Ingredients: Caviar Extract | Ginseng Extract | Ginseng Berry Extract

Size: 25 ML         Code: VP50

Ovaco Intensive repair mask provides immediate deep nourishment to skin lacking elasticity and moisture for healthy look. 100% Natural Eco Sheet extracted from cellulose of the tree is environment friendly and chemical-free, and closely adhering to the face to absorb much more moisture and nourishment.

Deep Hydrating Mask

Category: Moisture & Soothing

Rx: Skin Moisturizing | Fast Soothing

Main Ingredients: Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Extract | Trehalose

Size: 25 ML         Code: VP60

Ovaco Deep Hydrating Mask is lotus petals rich in morning dew with moisturizing effect to provide pure, minerals of deep sea for dry and dull skin with soothing and moisturising effect. 100% eco-friendly fiber sheet is extremely soft and it’s not irritating to the skin.

Hydro Shining Mask

Category: Brightening & Refreshing

Rx: Brightening Function | Shiny & Glowing Skin

Main Ingredients: Berries Extract (Black Currant, Blueberry, Blackberry, Grape, Raspberry) | Niacinamide

Size: 25 ML         Code: VP70

Ovaco Hydro Shining Snow White Pearl sheet mask provides moisturizing effect to obtain shiny and glowing skin. It contains about 20 amino acids. Pearl sheet has high water absorption and can retain essence for long periods of time. It’s an eco-friendly sheet with a natural fiber material that’s skin tight and airy.