Double Intensify Effect

Category: Acne & Sensitive

Rx: Teenage & adult pimple | Sebum control | Skin calming

Main Ingredients: Bee venom | Naflex ™ 3 | Solanum Melongena fruit extract

Size: 50 ML                      Code: VS511

Bee Venom has about 1200 times the antibiotic power than penicillin, which helps soothe and relieve the problematic skin. Melittin and Apamin, the main ingredients of the Bee Venom, increase resistance from inside and outside and help return to healthy skin on itself. Moreover, our unique Naflex ™ 3, bee venom and solanum melongenid fruit extract gradually improves the overall causes of inflammatory & acne skin and gradually restores comfort to make your skin healthy and hydrated.

  1. Improve problematic skin condition overall
  2. Boosting skin resistance function, making skin barrier 
  3. Trouble-causing inhibition and skin protection
  4. Membrane strengthening & Soothing sensitive skin
  5. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory

Invisible Pore Control

Category: Acne & Sensitive

Rx: Pore Care | Exfoliation | Sebum control

Main Ingredients: Germanium | Peat extracts | Hyaluronic

Size: 50 ML                  Code: VS521

Pre-care is crucial for skin care routine because the firm pores are the base of original skin, and once the pores are stretched like the orange peel cannot be restored. Invisible Pore Control is a pore genius serum that solves keratin, sebum, contraction, and troubles all at once.

  1. Purification from inside and outside
  2. Skin function activation
  3. Clean up uneven skin tone
  4. Pore contraction and activation of pore action