“SPA & Esthetic Professional Program”

Ovaco 4D dynamic is becoming one of the famous programs in spa and hotel of South Korea to make facial lifting efficacy. Now reborn available simple home care version to all women. Our signature skin care total routine give you salon or spa level result only within 7 days. 4D Dynamic benefit program consist with 4 kinds of product step by step. Each product powerfully formulated with unique ingredients for short time skin over all improvement.

4D Dynamic Benefit packaged by set and individual for your convenience.

Set: 25ml x 3pcs, 30ml cream   Code: VX110

STEP 1 : Structure

Category: 4D Dynamic Benefit

Rx: Skin Volume Up

Main Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid

Size: 50ML                   Code: VA11

After face wash, fill up emptied pores with sufficient moisture and essential nutrients to vitalize diminished skin function.

What it’s good for
1. Provide lacking moisture and essential nutrients
2. Vitalize diminished skin functions
3. Treat and soothe skin irritation

STEP 2 : Vitality

Category: 4D Dynamic Benefit

Rx: Vitalizing Circulation/Soothing

Main Ingredients: Vitamin C Oil

Size: 50ML                              Code: VA21

For clear skin, help capillary circulation for better oxygen and nutrients supply to make vibrant skin and maintain optimal skin condition.

What it’s good for
1. Vitalize capillary circulation and stabilize skin rhythm
2. Improve dull and uneven skin color
3. Exfoliate and improve rough skin texture
※ After applying sufficient amount of Circulation oil, massage acupuncture points.
(User will experience heat for appx. 3 minutes.)

STEP 3 : Reinforce

Category: 4D Dynamic Benefit

Rx: Vitalizing Skin Turnover

Main Ingredients: MGF (Multi Stem Cell Growth Factors)

Size: 50ML                          Code:VA31

28-day skin turnover vitalization always creates clear and fair skin like that of child and reinforce sensitive skin to be firm and strong.

What it’s good for
1. 28-day skin turnover vitalization
2. Improve and balance rough and uneven skin color and texture
3. Create clear and fair skin
4. Keep skin moisture over long period by creating moisture barrier

STEP 4 : Management

Category: 4D Dynamic Benefit

Rx: Providing rich nutrients

Main Ingredients: Vitamin | Amino Acids | Organic Mineral | Peptide | Oriental Medicine Ingredients

Size: 30ML                                 Code:VA40

By providing necessary energy for skin vitalization, create healthy skin that lasts over time and maintain smooth, glowing skin with rich nutrients.

What it’s good for
1. Strengthen functions for vitalizing skin
2. Provide rich nutrients and moisture
3. Enhance natural resistance capability
4. Help create natural skin barrier